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Self leadership

What is self- leadership? The concept of self-leadership is about how we influence ourselves to perform more effectively. As a concept it has been around since the 1980s (Houghton 2012). Self-leadership is useful as a concept as it offers specific strategies and normative prescriptions designed to enhance individual performance. It has both behavioural and cognitive […]

What do you want to change?

Most people like some degree of change in their lives. We go on holidays to have a change. We do home renovations, try new foods, change jobs and numerous other things in the interests of change. Some people say they don’t like change but it’s likely that there are changes occurring in their lives that, […]

Do you want to be a better manager?

If you are a manager you probably think about how you can get the most from your staff.  The starting place for this is to begin by understanding yourself better. We influence others more effectively when we know ourselves more intimately, for example, our trigger points, our preferences for receiving information, or our need for personal […]

How our “self talk” affects the results we get

Everyone has self talk. It doesn’t matter what field we work in, how we talk inside our heads is going to have an impact on the results we get. In running a workshop recently, the conversation amongst participants reminded me of how we all need to maintain awareness of our “self talk”. Most people are […]