How you can change your behaviour for the better

Most of us have had numerous attempts at changing our behaviour in some way. We might have decided to go to the gym to get fitter, we may have started a diet to lose those extra kilos that have crept on, or to spend less time on social media. Even when we start off well with good intentions it doesn’t seem to stick. We lapse back to old patterns and generally feel bad about our inability to change.

Luckily, nowadays more is known about changing behaviour. We can draw on this knowledge to improve the way we go about change and in doing so experience more success. Imagine starting some behaviour change effort and it actually working!

BJ Fogg from Stanford University has added enormously to the knowledge around behaviour change. Fogg’s book Tiny Habits: The Small Changes That Change Everything was the best business book of 2020. This book meticulously explains the elements that make up our behaviour (motivation, ability and prompt) and how we can tweak these elements to orchestrate change in our lives.

One of the key ideas is to focus our effort on introducing several micro changes to our day to day behaviours. If we make them small we are much more likely to maintain our effort and focus and in doing this we experience a sense of success rather than failing (again). Feeling good about ourselves is an important part of changing.

Of course, there is a lot more to Tiny Habits than this simple explanation. Also, it is important to note that Fogg’s work is based on extensive research and its real-world application.

Want to learn more about Tiny Habits?

Join me in an online, four week program to learn about Tiny Habits and approach changing your life with much more confidence.

Learning Outcomes
• Understand the basics of a simple model of behaviour change
• Apply the Tiny Habits method for designing constructive behaviours
• Integrate a number of constructive behaviours into your life over a short period of time
• Understand how to scale up the method in order to introduce further constructive habits.

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